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The National Care Forum (NCF) was established in 2003 and, with over 100 members, is a leading voice for not-for-profit care providers. Their membership reflects the wide diversity of the care sector and includes home care, day care, outreach services, residential and nursing care, and specialist provision for all adults and older people receiving advice, care and support services through the not-for profit sector.

Their mission is to promote quality care within their membership and the wider care sector. NCF promote the benefits of the not-for-profit model of care services provision, to local and national government, as well as consumers and other health care bodies.

Member organisations are those recognised as leaders and innovators in the provision of care and support services. They influence policy through regular dialogue with government departments, policy makers and politicians.

NCF keeps its members up to date with news and developments in the care sector and provides an opportunity to meet and share ideas through regular forum meetings, annual conferences and events, surveys and reports and weekly online updates.


CARE has worked with NCF and a number of their members for many years and over that time has gained an in depth understanding of their needs and the challenges their organisations face. NCF members find that our comprehensive knowledge of the care & charity sector sets us apart from other providers helping to ensure our clients receive the cover to meet their unique requirements.

FREE insurance audit

We offer a free insurance check for all NCF members. As you may only arrange your insurance annually, daily events or changes to your organisation could impact your cover, so it’s a good idea to check things regularly to ensure you remain fully covered. Speak to us to arrange your free audit.

To find out more about CARE or to get a quote for your organisation:

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email: care@mintonhousegroup.co.uk


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